Monday, February 26, 2007

what the hell are you doing here?

well hello then!
today i was thinking how difficult it can be to get to know so called new people. i still believe that you never get to know real new people, you always know someone who knows someone who knows the so called new people.
my favorite chat up line of the last week: "you are staring at my tits!" "but i do it for the american government." i would hope that anything like this would work out anyday, but i think it won´t happen to me, because i will not work for the a. government.
well, somehow i kind of miss this getting to know people, or like i can write it in english: to make friends. i know how kids are made, but friends? well, but sometimes i feel like getting to know someone really new, but where will this be? and when?

stay tuned,
at least the thing we call winter creeps in and leaves its traces on the golden slopes, maybe this will help a bit, ...
love, peace and lots of powdersnow,
yours sincerely, floggo

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