Monday, April 30, 2007

Tarfala e un besta!

Well not much to tell these days.
The last weekend i spent skiing in Sölden with some friends from Sweden. It was a superb trip, lots of sun, lots of fun and a real good laugh. But i have to admit, that wintertime will be over now for some months. And i can´t wait to get some new lines in the fresh powdersnow in the hills of the alps! That´s the best stuff ever. As Robert mentioned two days ago: skiing on gleaming slopes in the sun is possible the meaning of life!
There are so many nice things in life, but skiing is almost the best i tried so far.

The wintertime started really bad, not too much snow, real poor conditions nowhere to hike, no powder. But in the end of February it got better a bit, nothing like the winter 2006 but it wasn´t that bad either. There were good runs in See with my mates, there was Kuhscheibe and Weißseespitz which could be the highlights of this season. I also managed to get a ride on the northshore of Wankspitze, a secret line i wanted to try since ages. Well there was good powder, there was good slush-firn snow, there was good fun this winter.
Thanks mates for the company and i´m looking forward to next winter, we will ride on!
Yours C.F.

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