Friday, March 28, 2008

sodding bellyache

He looks like the young Robert Redford. Therefore he hides behind the concrete wall. He walks up and down his garden, like farming his thoughts. He considers himself a mindfarmer.

One thing which came on his mind these days: two people meet somewhere, mate somehow, get a parallel life somewhere and crash in eternity. Paralized in eternity.

In donkey years he will be an old mindfarmer. Hopefully not looking like the old Robert Redford. The concrete wall of his mindfarming garden will be diaphanous. Someone will be at his side, selling his farmed thoughts. A so called thought trader.

Heaven or hell. In the end its all down to concrete.
Those two parallel lines meet in eternity. Not rational at all, but that´s life, ain´t it? Life lines live life long.

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