Sunday, August 06, 2006


How does it feel when something is done for the last time? You might know, how it feels when something is done the first time. It´s meant to be exciting, it could be awesome, mindblowing or just satisfying because you know finally you did it.
Like standing on top of a mountain for the first time ever. Your whole life was filled with thoughts and dreams how you could get up there. Your whole life you were thinking about the best way getting up there. In the moment you are thinking about your mountain for the first time your pathway, your track has already begun. Your dreams may get more intense or you forget about your dreams, you give them up for some time, but kind of suddenly your dream pops up again, gets back into your mind, this time it´s much more intense than ever. You are ready for fullfilling your dreams. The way on top at last feels not like a torture like you imagined, no it´s kind of like easyfeeted, it feels like your footsteps never touch ground but you still move. You move easy and free.
But how the hell does it feel when you do something for the last time? Is it the same firsttime-excitement, is it like leaving friends behind? When you go with friends for a coffee and you know that it will never be the same again? I know life is never standing still, it always changes, it´s this much know lifelong circle. But the strange feeling when you leave a major part in your life behind? Leaving behind means doing something for the last time.
Life is just an alternation of doing it the first or the last time. Everthing should be seen as a question of scale.

Well today i had the strange feeling that something was left behind in the close past. It kind of slipped away and i didn´t realize that i could have hold it back. I just messed it up. Anyway, i will see how things are when i get back to my used harbour. Sometimes it´s a relief when something is left behind. A relief to free yourself, drop the pressure in any direction.

I wave you goodbye,... just smile and wave, boys, smile and wave.

But it´s not gonna be the last what you will read of my adventures, i just go on holiday. Pirate vacation somewhere in the polar ocean to learn how to cope with the dumpness and cold of the upcoming wintertime.
Your c.Floggo

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