Sunday, February 18, 2007

Sundays are always beautiful, aren´t they?

WEll today it will be in english, somehow i feel like writing in english. It may be easier or i am just in the mood for it, but so it is.
In the last days i had the oportunity to rethink some real big issues of the last years. How important are people who played the so called major role in some past years? Even if meeting them is impossible it´s not dissapointing at all. People come and people go. Life changes in a certain way, but it never stays still (which is ment to be one of the major points of life).


I would like to wish everyone here and over there a sunny sunday, like i am able to enjoy today. Do whatever you are up to, never do something what you´ll refuse to do. Prepare some freaky veg, sing a sunny song in the sun, write some random lines in a random blog, think of former people in your life, get ready for new people in your life, plan some complete random journeys somewhere you have never been before, have a nice cake with a close friend, get your arse in the movies, poor sunscreen all over the place, eat some chocolate, go for a coffee, don´t work like nutters, enjoy making some airbubbles in the tub, get out to the powplaces, don´t fear life, let it go, let it flo.w


G said...

Good to see you are back to writing in a language I can bloody understand again!!

Anonymous said...

hi flo,
auch ich erinnere mich beizeiten an leute aus "dem früheren leben", leute von einem anderen ort aber nichtsdestotrotz nahe, finde das immer wieder eine bereicherung. sorry for not seeing you earlier in the bus today ;) nachholen bald in ruhe bei einem after-business-beer?
lg "very anonymous" ;)