Thursday, March 30, 2006

seasonal breakdown

well the skiing season seems to be over, not really ended, but in the very advanced stage. so what will be my next addiction? skiing has to have its summer hibernationbreak, volleyball is coming in big steps, climbing as well, but another big pirate thing might be backed up soon: raiding. so my first raid will be just a national one, just popping over the arlberg to get to lake constance for upgrading my boating and fishing skills to get prepared for the first big tour. the big big return to the scotish north east is in preparation, so my flights are booked, the date is fixed, only who will be my raiding partner is not sure.
after the return from the northsea i prepare to raid over switzerland and france. going back into the neolithic, searching for further clues about climate change and the heinrich event 1. after this mindblowing adventure i will have some time to settle down, get rested and prepare for the raiding of the informal captiol of europe, brussels must be visited, raided and left alone. and the last trip in the near future will be the big annual returning of glacier-raiding on the hintereisferner. this time with a relaxed crewmembers, not too many, a bunch of very motivated geoanalysts, i just say: it´s gonna be fun.
so everyone can see how tight a schedule can be, if you are a real pirate, everytime searching for adventures, everytime being prepared to expect to unexpected.
that´s how it can be, if you stay too long on the same place, the need to break out and leave this place is inherent and unavoidable.
anyway, i m still thinking of setting up and running a buissness for anti-smell-dispersal-tools for handbagdogs, you can read out more in the near future.
solong, keep up raiding and sail hard to the wind
yours sincerly
captain floggo

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G said...

When are you raiding Scotland? Dont forget, all good pirates must make time to rape and pillage when on tour!! Why do you think the Viking heritage lives on still? Drop me a line, let me know when you are gonna be in the 'deen.